Living Mexico, the Survivor Guide to Living in Mexico is about first-hand experiences from a decade of my life as an expat living in Mexico. I am a single professional woman who made the move alone and made it work.

Even though my move was planned, it wasn’t easy. I spent the first three years with watering eyes at the constant difficulties that seemed to lurk around every corner. Although many aspects of day-to-day life was very frustrating, I was determined to stick it out. And I did.

This website is comprised of real experiences, first-hand observations and sometimes strong opinions about my life here, what I’ve learned on my own and what I’ve learned from others.

Living Mexico is a site of resources that I hope you will find helpful in gathering the necessary information to make your move to Mexico a smoother experience.

What Living Mexico is not, is a site of restaurant reviews and recommendations. You will not find advice on which tours to take, which companies are better, what hotels offer the cheapest beach club deals or where you can find the best steak in town.

I am here to offer you something others do not, which is a real-life look into a long-term relationship with living in Mexico. Have you ever wondered what the other expats are like? Curious to find out what job hunting in Mexico is all about? How to even get a job or a work permit? What about finding a place to live?

I have those answers.

Living Mexico is a straight-up, to the point real life version of what it took to make the move successful and why today, I love this country more than anything. I am happy to be here, glad I stuck it out and proud of my accomplishments.

I am your host, Roaming Canadian. I hope you enjoy your Living Mexico visit.

Love, Roaming Canadian