Atlantic Hurricane Season in Mexico

Numerous lazy resort cities lie along the Caribbean Sea coast of the Atlantic Basin and each year, locals brace themselves for the anticipated affects of the annual hurricane season. Beginning June 1 and running through to the end of November, the Atlantic hurricane season is generally considered less busy than the Pacific side.


During 2017, however, the Atlantic had one of the busiest hurricane seasons on record with the development of several Category 5 hurricanes that completely destroyed regions south of Mexico as well as vicious tropical storms and numerous tropical downpours.

Counting out the amount of developed storms versus what actually made land, Mexico did well considering, meaning more storms bypassed the coastal cities of Playa del Carmen (Riviera Maya) and Cancun than what actually made landfall.

Even though the Atlantic side of Mexico fared out well, locals were on edge a lot due to the continual threatening flow of Mother Nature, whose first storm hit Riviera Maya mid-August. After that, things continued in the way of busy until finally, the month of November arrived with all the calm imaginable. It was a hairy hurricane season.

The Atlantic hurricane season is the period when hurricanes tend to form in the Atlantic Ocean. Tropical cyclones, hurricanes, tropical storms, depressions and even subtropical storms are all fair game during the season and while not all storms are as strong as a full-on hurricane, the damage can still be devastating.

In 2017, for example, the Atlantic hurricane season was referred to as a “hyperactive, deadly and extremely destructive season” that ended with 17 named storms, ranking as the most active since 2010. The Atlantic season also featured both the highest total accumulated cyclone energy and the highest number of major hurricanes since 2005.

All ten of the season’s hurricanes occurred in a row, the greatest number of consecutive hurricanes in the satellite era and is something to take into consideration if a move to Mexico’s Caribbean coast is on your list.