Bringing Sheets: Your Mattress Size and Mexico

When I made the move to Mexico, I packed two sets of queen-sized sheets that I loved. I figured why buy more sheets when I already have good quality sets, so I made room for them in my luggage. When I arrived, one of my first purchases was of course, a bed. A queen-sized bed which would provide the perfect place for my beloved Canadian queen-sized sheets…or so I thought.

When I got piece A (the bed) and piece B (the beloved sheets) together in the same room, frustration set in. After a few flip-arounds thinking I had put them on the mattress incorrectly (I always had a bit of “extra” sheet), I realized that a queen here is not the same as a queen anywhere else. Turns out every country has their own bed / mattress size chart (who knew!). Anyway, that was my introduction to Mexico-sized mattresses. What I knew as a queen in Canada was bigger than what Mexico measures out to be a queen mattress.

So, if you too are planning on bringing sets of your beloved favorite sheets, you can. Just don’t expect a perfect fit. I managed to get my slightly too-big sheets to fit my new Mexico queen mattress by gathering the extra material under the main mattress and pinning it. I did that for years and it worked just fine.

So to help make your move to Mexico a little easier, it will come in handy to know the differences in beds / mattress sizes.

In Mexico for bed sizes we have individual, matrimonial or standard (which is the equivalent of a double), queen and king, in that order of size. Mexico bed measurements are always given in metric measurements and are sometimes referred to as Medida Mexicana (Mexican Measurements).

Here is an American mattress size chart to help you compare (so you can see how many pins you’ll need to make a good fit). 😉

Love, Roaming Canadian