CURP: What it is and how to get one

CURP: What it is and how to get one

C.U.R.P. — Clave Única de Registro de Población (Unique Population Registry Code)

First and foremost, a CURP is a Mexican number assigned to each person and is similar to that of a social security number. It is required for most services, especially if they are government related, so it’s important to have one if you anticipate spending any real amount of time in the country. It is a very important number, and once obtained, will provide you with your own unique Mexican identifier number and open up a world of local services to you.

The entire process to obtain your own CURP is easy and free and will take about a week to have issued once the paperwork has been submitted, so let’s get started.

To get a CURP you will need the following — remember in Mexico everything requires an original and at least one copy — so be ready.

  • You will need official valid photo ID. Since passports are always accepted, bring your original passport and a copy (fork over the extra 10 peso and get one in color. I’ve always provided colored scanned copies and never had one rejected). Regardless, your copies need to be crystal clear.
  • You will also need the original and a copy of your immigration document (your 180-day tourist slip if that’s all you have).
  • Your CURP request letter. You can use something like this:


ADDRESS  (of the INM office)                                                               YOUR MEXICO CITY 00 de MONTH de 20??

Secretaria de Gobernacion

Instituto Nacional de Migracion

Subdelegacion Federal de CITY YOU LIVE IN

Yo, YOUR FULL NAME AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR PASSPORT de nacionalidad YOUR NATIONALITY No. de pasaporte YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER por solicito respetuosamente a este Instituto Nacional de Migración el trámite de mi CURP ya que es un requisito que me solicitan.

Sin más por el momento agradezco de antemano su atención y quedo de ustedes.

Muchas gracias,






Nombre y firma


Once you have your documentation together, take it to your nearest INM office to apply. They usually take about a week to issue your number. You can also pre-register online:

If you’re using the online method, your state is Quintana Roo and your municipality will be Solidaridad if residing in Playa del Carmen or Puerto Aventuras. If in Cancun, your municipality will be Benito Juarez.

Via the online method, they will contact you to set up an appointment to go to the INM office to present yourself and your documents.

See. Easy, peasy!

Love, Roaming Canadian