Furniture: Bring What You Have or Buy New?

While I admit it’s nice to have a few familiar comforts of home, I’m not sure packing everything — like the kitchen sink — is necessary for your move to Mexico. You certainly can move everything you own by using an international broker, but it’s important to know that you cannot load your non-Mexican vehicle with “stuff” and take it across the border (you’d be surprised to learn how many people think that to be a brilliant idea).

When moving furniture and household goods to your new Mexican casa, it’s best to utilize the services of a professional international moving company. An experienced broker will be able to tell you what, when, where and how much. Along with their service fees, there are custom fees — not to mention shipping time and a shipping method — to take into consideration.

If, on the other hand, you decide to move with the clothes on your back (sort-of-speak), you won’t be alone. Most foreigners who make the permanent move sell all and maybe store some important non-necessities. I am among that group. I packed several bags of carefully chosen item and have never regretted it. I sold the mass bulk of my stuff.

Whether you arrive with all or nothing, Playa del Carmen is loaded with fantastic furniture and household buying options. Here are a few examples. Each of these stores have physical locations in Playa del Carmen:

Expensive, higher end:



Casa Latina

Inlab Muebles

La Casa Gris

Muebles Pergo

Actual Studio

Galerias el Triunfo

Middle of the road:



Low prices, low end:

Telebodega: 50 Avenida Norte — across the highway from Chedraui central



Super inexpensive — gently used in good condition:





You can see that Playa del Carmen offers a lot of variety in the way of home furnishings. It’s also possible to rent a furnished place or even buy furnished, which is the way a lot of homes are sold around here. No matter what you decide, focus on your move, your new location and your new life more than the material aspects and I’m sure you’ll be happier (and more stress free) for it!

Love, Roaming Canadian