Has Mexico not moved forward in the ways of true justice?

Has Mexico not moved forward in the ways of true justice?

Before I begin, I want to reintegrate how much I love this country and its culture, including the people. After years of sacrifice and a lot of hard work, it has become the happiest place I’ve ever lived. For those following from the start, you’ll know I’ve lived in numerous places throughout my (young) life.

In saying that…gawd help me…maybe gawd help us all. If you live in the Cancun area, you may be following along with a local story of two people who were shot and killed in broad daylight last week. One of the two killed was a young cameraman for a local news station in Cancun.

Since journalists are often killed for being journalists — exposing those who do not want to be held accountable for all the bad things they’ve been getting away with for years — it is incredibly common for journalists to become part of the death statistics for any given state in this country.

However, the cameraman shot in Cancun last week was not killed because he was a cameraman. He was shot while walking down the street with a friend. They both died. It was another super-sad day for those of us who LOVE this country!

If you can believe it, this super-sad story just got worse…

When I very first moved here, I learned in a hurry that a mere accusation from someone could land you in jail. Really. It was as simple as that. Someone who disliked you (or had bad hearing or bad vision) could say “I saw him/her” or “Yes, I heard him/her say…blah, blah, blah” and wham. Off to jail you go.

Back then, there was hardly a lawyer on the planet who would be able to spring you from your new digs because that’s how the “justice” system worked here at the time. Everyone was guilty even when proven innocent. Period.

Unfair. Unjust. Corrupt.

Over the past few years, two to be exact, I have felt things were moving forward in the direction of progression in our state with a new non-corrupt administration that has moved heaven and earth (successfully) to jail their dishonest predecessors.

Along with all the movement came the reality that the world is watching. My state of Quintana Roo has become a global hotspot for tourists and suddenly, everyone is interested in reporting on the good, the bad and the ugly…so local officials have gone out of their way to do good.

This included the new appointment of an attorney general for our state. His job is to oversee all police and ensure justice is done (in a nutshell). Progress did seem to be advancing until the middle of this year when our crime stats continued to outpace the arrest stats. Global media were reporting the numbers. Local people began to call for his resignation.

Well, after this recent shooting in Cancun last week (and a large public march in Cancun by local journalists over the weekend), it seems our attorney general got the message. Three days after the shooting an arrest was made. This is historic if you consider the figures, but since everyone was complaining the guy never did anything, who are we to complain now that he has?

Well, let me tell you…

It seems they have arrested a completely innocent person and have kept him in jail even though a dated video shows him in a completely different place at the time of the shootings. There are also numerous witnesses that vouch for his whereabouts. Yet, he’s in jail charged with double homicide.

It gets worse. I know, right!

He’s an active police officer who was on escort duty the day of the shooting and unfortunately, was carrying a gun. Ughhhhh…you wouldn’t think this could get any worse, but it does. The attorney general is looking the other way regarding the several-minute video that clearly shows him inside his business at the time of the shooting. Yes, I’ve watched the video.

Attorney General for Quintana Roo, Miguel Ángel Pech Cen

It almost seems to be turning into a case of “him” or “me”, but as I see it, at this point, our attorney general can’t save (his) face either way.

The reason this is such a big deal is because if you live here, this could be you. This very thing could happen to you or me or to our friends or family or neighbor. It truly is a horrific way to “do justice” and makes my skin itch at the realization that after all these years, it seems we have not advanced forward in the ways I had hoped, but for the sake of the arrested man, know that the world is still watching.