Homeless Animal Agency Shelters

I once read there are more than 3 million homeless dogs in the country, a figure that, as a dog owner and lover, breaks my heart. I know many people who dedicate their love, time, money and hands to helping make better and safer lives for the homeless dogs that are rescued.

If you find yourself in need of a furry friend, please look to a shelter before buying. I have had a few rescues over the years and can tell you first hand they are the BEST dogs!

Playa del Carmen also has a cat rescue shelter and other local agencies that will take on injured animals you may find. Here are some of the registered agencies:


Coco’s Animal Welfare Clinic (cats and dogs)






Tierra de Animales (Cancun)

Tierra de Animales

Playa Animal Rescue (PAR)

Playa Animal Rescue

SOS el Arca

S.O.S el Arca

Luum Balicheo (Cancun cats and dogs)