How to Apply Mascara in High Humidity

So living in this part of Mexico is going to require a whole new set of patience for just about everything. One thing that I run into constantly are women newbies who are totally stressed about their new mascara issue.

I spent my first six months here with facial features that often resembled that of a raccoon. My new daily dilemma: smudging mascara.

See, it turns out that mascara does not set very well in high humidity. During the hot summer months when humidity is at its peak, mascara simply doesn’t set at all. At best, it gets sticky and “almost dry”, but any freaky facial gestures will result in that raccoon look I mentioned earlier.

No matter what brand, if it was regular or waterproof or advertised as swear-to-gawd it doesn’t rub off, they all smudge. The reason, as it turns out, has absolutely nothing to do with the brand or type of mascara, or how much you spend, but rather the extremely high humidity in the air.

As you know, one out-of-control blink (or gawd forbid, a sneeze) gives you a second set of eyes in a flash — not exactly the look any of us ever go for, so to help you through your “I hate mascara in Mexico” phase, here’s how to get it on and keep it on.

A little fan.

Buy yourself a little fan. This is what I call my mascara fan. You will quickly realize that fans are silly-expensive here because, like all beach survival products, it’s a necessity. But, if you shop around you should be able to find one for under $200 peso. An FYI: a metal fan with metal blades will last longer and provide better fan-air.

You’ll want one with a little gusto, so those hand-held models from the dollar store aren’t going to work well. It’s best to buy one with at least a low and high(er) speed.

I prop my mascara fan up at about eye level, coming in from a side angel with the fan turned on low. I turn it on low speed when I apply my mascara to dry-as-I-go. When BOTH eyes are completely done, I turn to the fan face-on for a minute or two and ta-da! Mascara is set and dry.

It’s not necessary to stick your face directly in the fan. Facing it at a comfortable distance so you don’t dry out your eyes works well.

Once I figured out how to get the mascara to stay, it was time to work on how to stop sweating so much!

Love, Roaming Canadian