Mail and Package Forwarding to Mexico

If you’ve heard things about the Mexico mail system being terribly slow or not working at all, there is some truth to it. I once received a letter from the US. It was a card mailed at the beginning of December meant for Christmas. I got it just after Valentine’s day, and the funny thing, the mail courier looked at the letter and then at me like he’d never seen such a thing before. It made me laugh.

If you’re wanting to move to Mexico, getting your mail is likely a concern. Aside from typical mail-forwarding options, you could have someone bundle it once a month and send it special courier, but that gets expensive. Here are a few other mail and package forwarding options that may solve your mail forwarding problem.

US Global Mail

Mailbox Forwarding




US Delivered





US Delivered provides you a US street address (not a PO Box). Use that address at checkout when shopping US retailers like Amazon USA, Etsy, 6pm, eBay etc. Your packages arrive at your US Delivered address (usually with free shipping as most US retailers offer free shipping within the country). US Delivered repacks your items into 1 box and ships it to you, at savings of 70-80% on international shipping rates.