Mechanics in Playa del Carmen

I remember once driving in the 30C+ heat on a Saturday morning along the 115 in Playa del Carmen when suddenly I heard a thunderous bang under the hood of my car. Within seconds, my old Jetta lost power and came to a complete stop (even though the engine was still running).

Unfortunately I had my dogs with me, a black car sitting roadside in the heat was a bad situation, but I was lucky. I was within spying distance of a mom-and-pop style mechanic garage, so off I went. The old Maya guy who seemed to own the place casually looked down the highway and nodded in agreement that indeed it was broken down, that he could see it and that he’d go get it for repair. There were few words exchanged.

The day ended as good as could be expected when you break down on a highway in high temperatures with dogs. Turns out he was a super nice guy, a fantastic mechanic and had my car fully repaired that same day for 1,800 peso!


Alejandro Auto mechanic — will come to your home — 984.236.6300



Adrian: 984 140 4600  is an excellent boat mechanic


Ecomechanica  — Ricardo: 984 803 9926

ecomecanica mechanic playa del carmen






Garage de Sam (1 block behind highway next to Alltournative)

Race Car Service Playa del Carmen (no website)
Address: Calle 65 Nte, Ejidal

Hours: 8AM–6PM

Phone: 984.128.2197 for Asael Ovando