Why do the media insist on getting it wrong…intentionally?

Okay, so this is one of my biggest pet peeves of all time about living here in Mexico. Misinformation. Today’s pet peeve will focus on intentional misinformation…we’ll get to that in a minute, but misinformation in general gets under my skin in the deepest, darkest way.

A majority of the misinformation that is spread is done so by those who live here and clearly have not made any effort to integrate into the country. The others guilty of spreading misinformation about this country are those who have never been here, in particular, the media.

This is one of hundreds of articles I’ve seen since living in Mexico that is completely offline when it comes to facts. This article titled, Canadian bystander shot in Cancun: Mexican media was published by City News out of Toronto on February 2 of this year.

The journalist who wrote this piece clearly cannot read and decipher facts, because she quoted a local “Mexican media” article and completely butchered the original piece, inserting her own version of hyped intentional mis(leading)information.

Let us begin.

The article she used as her source was from a local news site, Riviera Maya News referencing the article, Cancun shooting against civilian ends in shootout with police, arrest made. Maybe it’s hard to tell from the two headlines just how off her end article is, so let’s dig a little deeper.

City News says:

A Canadian bystander was hospitalized with gunshot wounds after a shooting in a suburb of Cancun on Saturday evening, according to reports by Mexican media.

Riviera Maya News reports the man was caught in the crossfire between police and a vehicle that was fleeing the area. The vehicle crashed into a roundabout and one of the men running from the car was arrested.

What?? Riviera Maya News reports the man was caught in the crossfire. Riviera Maya News reported no such thing!

What was actually reported:

A shooting that began against a civilian in residential Cancun ended with gunfire aimed at city police.

The incident occurred around 6:20 p.m. on Págalo Avenue in a suburb of Cancun when one of two men walking through the neighborhood, a 35-year-old Canadian, was shot twice.

According to preliminary information, municipal police were making their way toward the crime scene when they encountered a spray of bullets after intercepting a red car trying to flee the area.

The man who was shot was not a bystander, nor was he caught in crossfire. What is wrong with this reporter? Can she not read…oh wait, it’s all about misinformation to generate a selling headline that otherwise, would only appear like an everyday event, similar to the shootings that happen in Toronto. These are from the first few weeks of 2018.

Man, 37, hospitalized after Brampton shooting – Toronto – CBC News
1 man dead, 1 critically injured in targeted Oshawa shooting – Toronto
Police ID man killed in Brampton daylight shooting – Toronto
2 Calgary men killed in Toronto shooting – 
Brampton shooting victim identified as gang leader
Toronto police requesting public’s assistance in locating shooting

The reason she would call him a bystander is to imply innocence and make it sound as though a regular Joe was minding his own business and boom…was just shot in this imaginary crossfire. How wild and mean the streets of Cancun! (gasp)

He was also not “caught in crossfire”. Again, another rewording to imply he was just some innocent Canuck. The original story says that two men were walking and one of them, only the Canadian, was shot twice. That means he was a target, not a bystander. I think someone should buy the City News journalist a dictionary and perhaps a pair of glasses.

The rest of her article was short because she didn’t have more to run away with. Although the facts were short and sweet, she still managed to butcher a piece into being a fear-instilling article of misinformation.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to read these butchered, hyped articles on just how “bad” Mexico is, referring to it as though it were a single city, not a massive country.

Tainted Alcohol Still? Really?

Another current example are these tainted alcohol accusations that are still making media headlines, but no one — at least not any responsible media journalist, will point out that 17 — a MERE 17 tourists out of more than 38 million tourists that vacation in Mexico each year have reported it as an experience.

REALLY?? Seventeen people out of 38 million come forward with unproven “I drank too much and blacked out” stories saying they’re “not sure what happened. Must be tainted booze, right?” and a year later, the media is still running with this. WTHell!!

What about the mall shooting in Washington? Why aren’t we still talking about vehicles running onto bike paths in New York? What about the safety level of going to a public concert in Las Vegas or attending a church mass in Texas or a mosque in Quebec City? More than 17 people were involved in those incidents. How about all the school shootings? Why are we not harping on these topics and suggesting a travel ban to the all-too-dangerous United States?

Oh, wait. Other countries have already done that in the last 12 months. Never mind.

Perhaps the reason these “journalists” continue to harp on news that’s not in their back yard is because it’s easier, it’s more convenient to focus on the flaws of others than it is to deal with your own.

Love, Roaming Canadian