mexico and your mentality

Mexico and Your Mentality

Say it with me: It’s not wrong, it’s just different. If you can honestly say this and mean it, you’ll do just fine living in Mexcio. Anywhere in Mexico. However, if you honestly believe that the way things are done in your home, in your town, in your state, in your country is the one and only way things should be done, save yourself the trouble and stay where you are.

The way things are done in Canada are different than the way things are done in the United States. The way things are done in the United States are different from the way things are done in Mexico. The way things are done in Mexico are different from the way things are done in Canada and in the United States. But that doesn’t make the differences wrong.

It’s imperative to wrap your mind around the fact that life here is slower. Most of the people live in the today and only in the today. Folks here walk slow (but they drive fast), they don’t mind standing in long lines, they never complain, they shop for what they need for only tonight’s dinner and they don’t often plan ahead.

Life here is not fast-paced. It’s the complete opposite. People here are not aggressive the way they are where I came from. I remember once being told (when I first moved to Cancun) that I was very aggressive. I had no idea what she meant until two years later.

She was right. I was aggressive. I was city aggressive. I was succeed aggressive. I was stress and worry about next year to avoid problems aggressive. I was even aggressive about being told I was aggressive.

I’m not like that any more. I have adopted the Mexico lifestyle for the most part. While I still like to plan ahead and have money saved for a rainy day, I’ve learned there is nothing wrong with buying food only for tonight’s dinner. I can easily shop one day at a time, not worry about planning ahead and not feel inefficient, the opposite of what I was taught in my previous life.

Living in Mexico is not only about adopting the local lifestyle. It’s also about believing in it and living it and most importantly, enjoying it. My life today is much more calm and relaxed for accepting the Mexican culture and living the Mexican way of life and truly believing, it’s not wrong, it’s just different.

Love, Roaming Canadian