It’s not fake news, now say it with me: yes, it snows in Mexico

I have to start this with a little laugh because I recently saw an article about the snow that has fallen in parts of Mexico, and under the article, someone wrote “fake news”.

I ended up privately emailing the woman who made the fake news claim (I couldn’t help myself) and explained that it does snow in Mexico. She had no idea, apologized and deleted her comment. Not only did I laugh, I realized just how many people do not relate the word snow with Mexico, but the truth is, it does snow here.

Living Mexico: Christmas in Mexico, traditional Las Posadas

Not in my part of the tropical woods (thank goodness), but in many, many other parts of Mexico they get snow, and they get a lot of it. This year started with a bang for the higher mountain regions in the north part of the country where it snowed so hard for so long, roads were closed and the photos I saw resembled that of any Canadian mountain pass.

It has also snowed (albeit lightly) in areas of Mexico City, not to mention a score of other smaller towns and cities around the country, and it’s barely December.

This may or may not be surprising to you, especially if you are one of those who thinks Mexico and tropics are synonymous. The truth is, while most of the southern portion of the country is made up of thick tropical forest, the northern/central portions of the country are known to get snow during the winter months in Mexico.

The coastal regions, however, are also free of snow each year, but certainly do experience seasonal changes. While the daytime temperatures are not as blistering hot as they are in the midst of summer and the nighttime temperatures dip down well below 20C, temperatures that truly do make it cold for residents who have become use to hot, hot, hot.

If you’re wondering the best places to move to in Mexico, you should keep seasonal weather changes in mind. If you’re like me and intended to eliminate snow from your life, you will have to choose your new region carefully to ensure your move to Mexico offers everything you have on your wish list.

Love, Roaming Canadian