Pet Taxis

So you need to get you and your dogs someplace and you’re without a car. Not to worry. You and your pets can take a taxi.¬†While most taxis don’t allow dogs, there are many dog-loving taxi drivers who are happy to take you and your fido(s) to where you need to be. There are three things to know ahead of time:

  1. Only certain drivers will take dogs. It’s their car, so they are not under any company obligation to offer the service (beyond humans). So when calling the taxi company, you need to request a driver that will take dogs. They may ask you what type of dog(s) you have.
  2. When you make the request, it will take a bit longer to get a taxi confirmation so plan ahead. I’ve had it take as little as 5 minutes to as long as 30 minutes to get a taxi confirmation for me and my dogs.
  3. There is an extra fee of 50 peso per dog. I’ve been charged 50 peso for the first then 20 for each dog thereafter. Once I was charged 50 peso for both dogs. It varies and honestly, I don’t mind.

TaxiAmigo is one that offers a pet taxi service for the 50 pesos. You can check them out or just go to the bottom of their page to read the QR code for taxi information.

The easiest thing to do if your Spanish is spotty is to use What’s App. Simply message them your request (in Spanish, of course) and they will find you a driver then confirm the taxi car number so you know he/she has arrived for YOU and your pets (no one else can steal your taxi). What’s App: 984.145.9595