Spring Weather in Mexico

Spring Weather in Mexico

The months that make up spring weather in Mexico are normally very pleasant. They are days that offer more daylight and warmer temperatures. If you live in Mexico, you will begin to notice the change in seasons with these simple things.

While we don’t necessarily look forward to the fresh heads of frosty tulips arriving from the ground, we do see other signs of spring such as fuller trees and the sight of varying flowers that arrive only during certain times of the year.

As for temperatures, the north and central parts of Mexico will have gotten rid of any snow that would have fallen over the winter months. Coastal regions along the Pacific and Caribbean will suddenly see a rise in temperatures along with a high UV index due the shift in the sun.

This shift is not always so subtle and can often take place over the course of a few weeks, making spring feel like full-on summer in the middle of March. For the most part, temperatures for the coastal resort cities tend to remain in the high 20C (68F+) and peak over into the mid to high 30C (86F+) during the summer.

Nighttime temperatures during the spring time months of February to June are very warm, but not hot as they tend to drop a few degrees from the day. We also do not experience a lot of rain during this time, which tends to come later in the summer.