Thinking Mexico is your next step?

If you’re here, it means you’re somehow interested in Mexico. Perhaps the thought of moving here has crossed your mind or perhaps you’ve already made the decision and are seeking a little heads-up.

Moving to Mexico is a big step and one that should not be considered lightly. Everything here — and I mean everything — is different from what you likely now know. The food, culture, language, clothing, education and work ethic is extremely different from what you likely know. If you’ve never been away from home or traveled for any length of time to another country, you will likely suffer a bit of culture shock in Mexico.

With that being said, the most important thing I can say to anyone considering living in Mexico is this: if you’re looking for the same style of life but in a different place, it won’t work. Many of the differences here are extreme, too extreme for first-time travelers.

The weather is either hot or hotter. Always. There is no natural kill-season for insects. Mosquitoes buzz in full force year round. Spanish is spoken everywhere. You will have to learn it or get left behind. Standing in line is a way of life here. Becoming impatient and muttering rude comments is the norm for many foreigners, but it doesn’t make the line move any faster. What it does accomplish is you getting a personal escort out the door by security.

You won’t find Hungary Man tv dinners here, but you will find fresh made antojiots on every corner. Looking for a sweet treat like Dunkin’ Donuts. Forget it. What you will find, however, are bunuelos and marquesitas.

The point is you will not find the same way of life here that you have in the current place you call home. Mexico is a completely different experience with good reason…because it’s a completely different country. Everything here is different.

If, however, you are open-minded and adaptable and looking for different it could work. If you are willing to learn and integrate and do what’s necessary to create a healthy life in Mexico, then you have a chance at doing just fine living here. Thousands of us have made the move, sucked up those differences and learned to embrace all that this country has to offer, which is all part of living in Mexico.

Love, Roaming Canadian