What Were the Most Valuable Items I Packed?

When I decided to move to Mexico, what to pack weighed heavily on my mind nearly every day for six months, but in the end, I did well in what I chose to bring.

Believe it or not, I forfeit a lot of clothes and in their place I brought house items. To this day I still have and use 99 percent of them. I figured I could buy clothes once I arrived, but I noticed on my trips back and forth that quality cookware was pretty scarce in Cancun. That along with good appliances, so that’s what I brought.

I stuffed my bags with my 18/10 stainless steel utensils, something I’ve never seen sold around here. I brought cooking utensils, my professional knife set, stainless steel pots and pans (they only sold teflon at the time) and small kitchen appliances. I’ve had the same Oster blender more than 12 years. The only thing I’ve replaced over the years is the coffee maker. I drink a lot of coffee.

My other savings grace was my own bed sheets. Call me crazy, but having the familiar comfort of my own things helped me settle during the first two years. I squished two sets of my favorite sheets along with my goose down comforter into a bag and have never regretted it. I still use them.

Another item I made an effort to bring was my DVD player and dvds (back then) so I could watch familiar movies in English. Here the DVD is Region 4, so Region 1 US / Canada movies don’t play in local players. When I first arrived I signed up for cable television that, for nearly 600 peso per month, offered all Spanish channels. I just wasn’t ready for “all Spanish”, so I was grateful to have the English movies.

What do I miss the most? I miss my outdoor gear. I miss my hiking boots (no place to hike around here and who would want to in this constant heat anyway?). I miss my camping gear more than I can say, even after all these years. Every time I pass the camping section in a store, my heart still hurts.

I miss some of my more prized books and fun shoes, but those things I have friends bring when they come to visit. Otherwise, I did well in leaving the clothes behind to take comfort in a few more practical items.

Besides, over the years it’s been nice shopping for a house full of new things that have truly enhanced my life here in Mexico.

Love, Roaming Canadian