Where to look for available jobs in Mexico

Where to look for available jobs in Mexico

There are so many folks out there wondering how they can move to Mexico, how they can get a working in Mexico visa and where to look to find the best jobs for expats in Mexico. In helping to answer these questions, it’s important to first understand that if you need money to live in Mexico (as opposed to moving here retired), getting a local job is not easy.

To get a job, you first need a job offer from a Mexican company who is authorized to hire foreigners. To get this authorization, they must apply through Mexican immigration. Once approved, they can hire non-Mexicans to work at their company. The ratio across the country is 10:1, so for every ten employees, only one can be a foreigner. The other nine have to be Mexican nationals.

To become that one foreigner working for a Mexican company you truly need to prove yourself, not only to the company, but also to immigration. If your company of interest offers you a job, you then have to apply through immigration for a work permit.

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Assuming all is well and you are granted the permit, you are bound only to those terms. A work permit in Mexico does not allow you to work wherever and for whomever you choose. The job title, company and dates are recorded on your permit. That is the ONLY job you are legally allowed to perform in Mexico. If you wish to change companies, you have to begin again with a new job offer and work permit application thorough immigration.

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The process takes time and money because in essence, you are proving why you should be given this job over a local Mexican national, of which there are millions without employment. A Mexico work permit costs something in the order of 3,000 peso (prices change from one office to another) and can take upwards of a month to process (longer if you apply during a busy holiday month such as March / April or December).

Where does one look to see what’s available for jobs in Mexico? You can try hitting up these popular websites that are the most-utilized by local job hunters. While there isn’t a specific website listing Mexico jobs for foreigners, or jobs in Mexico for English speakers, these sites are specific in what they want to have a position filled.

These are the popular job hunting websites for Mexico, but still, stay away from ads that offer extremely high salaries or all-inclusive jobs and apply the adage, “if it sounds too good to be true…

Occmundial: https://www.occ.com.mx/

CompuTrabajo: https://www.computrabajo.com.mx/

Trabajos.Mx: https://www.trabajos.mx/

Indeed: https://www.indeed.com.mx/

Trabajando.com: https://www.trabajando.com.mx/

Un Mejor Empleo: https://www.unmejorempleo.com.mx/busqueda_resultados.php

JobisJob: https://www.jobisjob.com.mx/

Now you may be wondering just how much it costs to live in Mexico. After all, the type of job you seek will depend on the cost of living. There truly is no set answer for that because there are so many personal variables: rent or own / house or apartment / car or public transport / center or suburbs / pool, gardener, maid service? Will you need health insurance? There are too many unknowns, however, it is possible to live in many parts of Mexico, comfortably, for less than $1,000 USD per month.

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Once you have these basic things sorted out, you can then better decide if living and working in Mexico is truly something you want to do!