Why you can’t just move to Mexico and get a job

Why you can’t just move to Mexico and get a job

For a country that seems to often voice concerns and dislikes of foreigners turning up on their soil and stealing jobs, folks north of the border don’t seem to bat an eyelash at doing the exact same thing themselves.

Time and time again I continue to read (on social media platforms) folks who say “Am moving to Mexico in blah, blah months. Want to get a job and live there for a year. Any advice is appreciated.

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Okay, so for the majority of us who have lived here long enough to have been through the immigration process over and over again (to gain permanent residency and be “entitled” to local jobs without question), we are going to tell you this: what you intend to do is illegal.

What you are purposing to do is the same thing most of you complain about others doing in your country. If you want to move to Mexico and work, even if only for a year, you HAVE TO HAVE permission from immigration.

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To get permission, you need to qualify. You need to go through the proper channels and apply for the “right” to live and work here…and no, you will not find jobs that pay $2,000 or $3,000 USD per month. Mexico is not known for it’s high rates of pay.

As a matter of fact, working a local job in Mexico is grueling and is sure to have you appreciating the job you currently have in no time.

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Regardless, the thought process behind just moving to Mexico and getting a job is a misguided one, which is spread more times than not by other foreigners. They have either lived (or currently live) in Mexico on FMMs and are technically illegal, or they’re offering up no-personal-experience advice based on other misguided forums they’ve read.

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I can tell you this for a fact. If you want to live in another country that is not your own, Mexico or not, you need permission. You need to go through the proper immigration channels to qualify and be granted the right to not only live in another country, but to work, which means taking a job away from a national citizen.

If you’re getting your immigration advice from places like Facebook, I highly suggest you reconsider and seek proper advice. Go to your nearest Mexican consulate and ask them to answer the questions you have. They will answer for free. A much better choice than acting on the poor and inexperienced words of misguided Facebook foreigners who are likely to see you get deported.

Another word of advice that most of these self-proclaimed living in Mexico experts do not seem to realize: immigration officials around the country read social media forums too.